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Information Security for the role of enterprise information construction

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In modern high-speed development of network technology, the information security in the enterprise information construction occupies an increasingly important position, it is the survival of the enterprise has a close relationship, enterprise information security is the root of the entire enterprise. In this paper, how to build a strategy to analyze information security information security in the enterprise information construction in rats.

Includes a range of information security itself is big, national military and political security of confidential, so small as to prevent the disclosure of confidential commercial enterprises to prevent young people get bad information, the disclosure of such personal information. Network environment information security system is the key to ensure information security. With the development of science and technology, we have entered an era of information technology, information security, how to manage, we become one of the issues need to be resolved.

An information security needs of the development of the times

 In this information age is now under increasing importance of information technology on business, the network has changed the traditional business mode of operation, the enterprise's information exchange and dissemination are dependent transmission network, the company changed the original production methods and ideas. Enterprise information security, including network security, system security, data security and other aspects. With the continuous progress of the construction of enterprise information, enterprise information security, more and more attention. Variety of enterprise information, regardless of company size, have a lot of information every day, a report, an order, an invoice, a receipt, etc., are indicative of corporate information, and these are the resources of the enterprise information , there is its value. If these information disclosure, may cause losses to the enterprise. Age is also inseparable from the development of information security, information security is the foundation, only a guarantee of information security, social order to forge ahead, companies can get a stable foundation for the development.

Second, information security, promote stable development of enterprises

Currently, enterprise information security is still in its infancy, development is not perfect, there are still a series of problems to be solved. As the network development, economic surge in the amount of information, information processing increasingly rely on computer, but the computer has its inherent weaknesses, such as computer viruses, low quality of personnel, hacker intrusion, eavesdropping or interception business critical data source etc., information security hazard. An enterprise to develop steadily, there must be a sound information security. The higher the degree of corporate information, corporate data security more important. Information security is the basis for enterprise development, information security work to fully understand the urgency and long term. From the enterprise stability and security, economic development and the protection of the interests of the enterprise perspective, must have good basic work and infrastructure construction, the establishment of information security at the same time, improve the connection information security system construction safety, construction, health network environment and the promotion of information construction. Whether more advanced technology, superb technology and more, that is created by human beings, therefore, information security is inseparable from the people. Many corporate information disclosure, are man-made causes, misuse of corporate information act, brought great losses to the enterprise.

Three, good information security in the enterprise information systems play an important role in building

As information technology and network technology development, a variety of information and data security issues become an important task. Information security is to protect the enterprise from various threats, ensure the continuity of the work that will bring information security and minimize the loss, to enable enterprises to gain the maximum benefit. There are multiple various enterprise data exists in the form of a paper, electronic files, generally in the form of electronic documents. These important data related to an organization's security is related matter of survival. Information security features are divided into three categories: confidentiality, integrity and availability. How to protect the security of information, the general enterprise has a complete defense system, which can effectively guard against and prevent information security breaches. However, China's information security management there are still many problems, such as awareness of the importance of information security management is not enough, for the information security laws and regulations are not perfect, for information technology products and services to the lack of effective supervision. So, companies should make information security, you must create reliable, complete and effective security system.

Fourth, how can we protect the enterprise's information security

Information security risk by many factors, from within the enterprise, but also from outside the enterprise. Then we should analyze and solve systems of these risk factors. First, we understand the internal insecurity which, for example, computer viruses, destroy computers, hackers. For such factors, we will use an effective anti-virus software, anti-virus computer regularly for regular checks on your computer clean. Another internal factor is the human factor unsafe, some relatively low quality of employees, some of the data of the enterprise information improper care, do not attach importance to information security, liberty to reveal business information, which is information security is extremely dangerous. To prevent the occurrence of these phenomena, companies should staff training and guide them to protect corporate information. The company is also very important external risk factors, such as some external production activities of enterprises, their leaked some information and data, there is the competitors may be many ways of gathering business information, these are the factors that lead to business information insecurity . Production activities that we should be careful when handling their information and data, in order to avoid leakage. For competitors, to protect their business information, as far as possible to protect valuable corporate information.


Enterprise information technology has become an integral part of the product of this era, the dissemination of information for each enterprise has brought great convenience, it is the business development needs, but also a necessary prerequisite for enterprise stability, but also a risk factor for information security increasingly more. Therefore, it is a corporate priority is to establish a security, security of information systems to ensure that enterprise information security.