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Road to Jane enterprise mobile information construction of the road

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Recently, the "industrial transformation and upgrading channel" as the theme of the Sixth China Software Channel Conference (hereinafter referred to as the General Assembly) held in Beijing, it is understood that the Assembly not only by the major software vendors, distributors and support, has also been From the community's attention. General Communication from Nanjing flames Star Development Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flames of the stars) R & D Director, CTO Xia Li on the current hot topics - mobile messaging application status of the interpretation.

Xia Li pointed out that we are now in the consumer era, mobile information, mobile Internet has become a habit in the future more and more enterprises begin to use mobile information into enterprises to provide better IT services, but in the implementation of enterprise mobile information the process is still unavoidable challenges:

First, the mobile terminal diversify

With the development of technology in the emerging new platform, while mobile terminal also diversified development, for businesses select mobile devices, will choose what kind of platform or device.

Second, the mobile information very significant feature is its industrial chain more widely. Mobile information technology will involve communications, equipment and other aspects.

Third, mobile security

Fourth, the lack of operational management and maintenance measures

Now apply very much to know how companies operating status of each application, which for enterprises, is also a very important challenge.

Targeted at mobile information technology applications in the enterprise challenges, Xia Li further pointed out that the basic model of mobile information business-led, decentralized construction of their application status showing the state, while the flames of the stars put forward a new mobile application platform cum full life-cycle stop mobile application platform, the purpose is to solve the enterprise information problems encountered in the course in order to simplify the development and simplify deployment.

Life Cycle stop mobile application platform integrates six aspects: a unified application development, unified management, unified access, unified device management, unified operation and maintenance support, unified security management. The client now is a mixed development, middleware development model is a twin-engine, for small developers in terms of their lack of resources through the template approach to reduce their development more difficult, and can quickly achieve application development.

In addition, the enterprise-level "application supermarket" points to two modes: one is the distribution model that provides proactive barrier distribution model, and in particular scene to the relevant government agencies such as the inside of the "Applications supermarket" task force will be established. Another push mode, types of applications for different platforms, you can push the types of applications on different platforms. In the enterprise mobile application development, a single technology can not solve all the problems, the middleware can not solve all problems, and in the "Application supermarket" provides native applications, including applications developed its own middleware flames.