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Information technology help enterprise development

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Information management has become an inevitable trend of enterprise management, enterprise information technology has become the biggest obstacle to hinder the development of enterprises. How to maximize rapid response to changing market conditions, has become a growing concern, industry experts said, need to build agile and efficient business process platform, solve various business systems, inner conflict management system, improve business execution force. From the latest report shows that speed up construction of enterprise information, not only the challenges faced by SMEs, but also large enterprises must face the issue, today's global business management software leader SAP AG and China coatings industry leader in the state legislature today Shanghai held a "Nippon China SAP HANA Case Experience Day" event also shows this.

    For enterprises in the implementation of information systems should be synchronized to establish the flow of information management platform. If on the information system, the enterprise managers still only be managed through the report, then such information management can not be counted as a success. Because the report is reflected in the results of management, but it does not manage the implementation process. That is, when the report came out, good or bad has been set, can only wait for the next effort. This is like the quality of the product, when the final inspection, the pros and cons in fact already decided. Therefore, the management of the enterprise should also be concerned about the process management, process the correct result of natural right. The so-called "process" is the business processes. So, we build information management system by its very nature is to build information-based business process management system, management of the process is tantamount to manage live live business, manage the process is tantamount to manage the enterprise. In the state legislature, for example, the prosperity of the market environment, the state legislature China both undergoing a new round of rapid growth, but also subject to market competition and management challenges: With the number of new businesses in the country have launched a report Nippon China demand grow exponentially, making the original opened in 2004 BW system suffered tremendous pressure. Today, with the help of SAP HANA-based SAP NetWeaver BW, Nippon China reports reduced their average running speed of 3-5 times, greatly enhance the financial efficiency and internal operational efficiency. For example, the real financial costs reduced from 7.5 hours to 2 hours, price and volume difference from six hours to 4.5 hours, CRM membership reports from six hours to 1.5 hours inventory reports from six hours to 4.8 hours. In addition, the system for different user groups and conferences needs, generate different types of reports, and push through a flexible view of the rapid analysis of information to help the state legislature management real-time access business reports, quickly make informed business decisions.

    It can be said, nowadays, the enterprise through continuous accumulation and improvement in information technology on the road to delve into the introduction of advanced management ideas and, after 20 years of information technology development, information technology applications early ERP, SCM, CRM, OA and other information systems applied by most medium-sized enterprises. SAP Greater China Platform Solutions Division General Manager Lu Daxin said: "Nippon China for its information technology has excellent forward vision, SAP management would very much agree with the state legislature information technology and business strategy concept of integration as a powerful memory computing platform, SAP HANA can help establish Bunge in massive, real-time, detailed and complete information analysis business operations, all transactions data exploration and analysis of data, and has a very easy to use modeling environment, the ability of the entire enterprise integrate data, Nippon China as soon as possible to help gain and we believe that continuous improvement of information technology platforms and increasingly expanding IT team will be given a more powerful state legislature China's competitiveness, its future development will menace. "Nippon Chinese vice president Frederick HF Information Headquarters, said: "Nippon China's information always walk in the forefront of the industry, as early as 2002 they enable SAP ERP, and to build, including customer relationship management, supplier management and other systems, including unified management information platform After years of system applications and user experience, we very much agree with SAP to provide a complete, sophisticated modular system, with excellent implementation team, and have the ability to continuously improve the project late scalability, etc. As this cooperation gratifying results, based on the SAP NetWeaver BW SAP HANA is effective in helping the state legislature China accelerated business diversification, channel refinement process, to achieve a comprehensive information technology support the future development of the strategic objectives. "

    In the current competitive environment in the super-long road to success than trying to maintain a long-term advantage, but the pursuit to obtain a series of temporary advantage, the company than the industry one step ahead of other companies. This also confirms Darwin's words, "those who can not survive the brightest and most intelligent, but those most adept strain."