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China top 500 private enterprises Hengyi Group's information technology practice

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This is a specialized petrochemical manufacturing companies, generally difficult to enter ordinary people's sight. But asked about the local taxi drivers, basically all know it. This is mainly due to this local group owns several production bases, each base has at least an area of ​​300 acres. Drivers Master says: This is a big company.

In fact, the Chinese private enterprises leaderboards and manufacturing, Hang Yat Group has long been among the forefront. 2011, Hang Yat Group, ranked top 500 private enterprises in China 27, China's top 500 manufacturing section 112. Its holding companies - Hengyi Petrochemical (code 000703), is the largest chemical fiber manufacturer. Today, it has become the largest business of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and polyester (PET) petrochemical enterprise group, the formation of industrial integration, scale and product diversification business model.

  In recent years, Heng Yi Group's information technology driven business transformation model is increasingly aware of the outside world. In the UCOM headquarters received from last year set aside several study visits over the industry peers. Industrial chain integration model under group control whether we can draw? Product diversification of the company information can butt fusion? Multiple systems platforms can open up the data flow and business flow? OA platform and how ERP platform for docking?

A flow sheet design ideas

2006, UCOM Group began to implement information technology revolution. Main focus of the line in UCOM, polymers, advanced materials, UCOM logistics seven molecules between companies. By the headquarters unified information management center director Liaoning Ping led, the following four groups: "The project implementation team, project development team, system maintenance teams around the IT group", each group carry out their duties, both systems use external IT vendors platform, while research and development team within the organization for the company's internal situation personality development.