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number of initiatives to strengthen our management and construction

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To strengthen Shenfeng information management group, to further improve the Group's construction company information. Recently, the group information center based group of companies and the actual situation of each branch has taken a number of initiatives to further strengthen the Group's construction and management of information technology companies.

First, strengthen the network management, network optimization

For Group office network management confusion, easy to leak internal company documents as well as some personal privately using illegal means to access the corporate network and other serious affect network bandwidth, information center in just two days time to the successful completion of the transformation, Network Systems Group. Through this reform, the implementation of the Group's main corporate office area networks and living area network management and control, respectively, and through the use of technical means to constantly monitor every computer usage and Internet access audit function. Mainly divided into: network access conditions, forum posting situation, mail, etc., the implementation of responsibility to the people, responsibility to the machine specification management. Combined group company network usage characteristics and frequency, were set up to work time and work time, effective protection of the group company's normal office needs and corporate network security, stable and fast operation, and promote the Group's information technology.

Second, optimizing network communication lines, construction of standardized room

In order to strengthen the management of group companies communication line specifications, safety, and further promote the standardization of the engine room, institutionalized and standardized construction. Information Center carried out within the group of companies to optimize communication lines and computer room construction work, mainly related to: the room environment, room safe, room electricity, room alignment, line identification, room equipment, room systems, such as the eight aspects of outdoor line . Each branch from the engine room to improve and implement the rules and regulations to proceed, standardized equipment, circuit operation management and maintenance operating procedures, strengthen communication lines daily security management. This optimization, not only to protect the thunderstorm season lines and equipment safety, extending the period of use of equipment and lines, further room for the group to create standardized basis.

Third, enhance training, improve staff skills integrated

To meet the Group's management model to improve the company's cadres and staff office software applications in computer skills and overall ability to further strengthen the management of electronic office equipment use and maintenance information as soon as possible to promote the construction and development group of companies. Information Center organized a special training aspects of information technology, as do the training and information center based on the actual needs of the company and its group companies, to develop a detailed implementation plan for training programs. Conduct of the contents, sub-sector, sub-units for targeted training.

The training mainly for each unit information manager, back office, statistics, sales, finance and middle-level cadres were trained. Involving a total of: basic skills in basic computer operations, office equipment operation skills and common troubleshooting tips, basic office software skills, COA basic operating system, ERP system basic operation and troubleshooting common approaches such as the five aspects, over thirty Xiao Xiang were trained separately. The total of 60 people attended the training, is the second largest since the founding group of companies, most comprehensive, the most extensive coverage of an area of ​​information technology for centralized training.

Fourth, to carry out centralized electronic office equipment maintenance, upgrades

To further strengthen the management of electronic office equipment, office equipment to improve operating performance, security office needs. Information Center recently carried out on the whole group all computers, printers and other electronic office equipment for centralized maintenance (repair) and upgrading. Specific mainly two stages separately in accordance with, a stage is mainly maintaining inventory Stage: The Group carried out on all of the computers and other electronic office equipment and communications lines, centralized maintenance, and accounting of all computers and computer usage and statistics utilization statistics; two phases mainly maintenance (repair) upgrade phase: For all failure on the part of low configuration or unable to meet the work requirements and out of the old machine to upgrade, repair, achieve the greatest degree of application, more company to save some of the non-productive expenditure.

Fifth, the successful implementation of security monitoring systems linked

To strengthen the security group efforts, according to head office requirements, recently, information center and security office combined group of companies in recent years, the actual situation and the security weaknesses, only 15 days to complete the linkage group companies security monitoring system installation and implementation .

Monitoring linkage system installed and running smoothly, the realization of a comprehensive group company seamless monitoring, while optimizing the security personnel in monitoring and dispatching room can always understand the dynamics of the company in all directions, and the ability to realize linkage alarm, remote call, etc. various functions. Successful implementation of security monitoring linkage system to make up some of the potential vulnerabilities, to increase the staff to defend a pair of "electronic eyes", the more secure the entire company on a production run and Insurance.