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Communication Microsoft is imperative to consider a major restructuring or

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is brewing against Microsoft a major restructuring, and consider several executives moved to a more important post.

The sources pointed out that this reorganization is designed to give Microsoft into a center with equipment and services for the company. Prior to this, Steve Ballmer was in October last year's annual general meeting, wrote that the relevant plans are still being developed, some substantive things still will change the future.
传微软考虑重大重组 或势在必行
Restructuring seems to be to allow Microsoft from the organizational structure has become more focused on business, consumer field equipment and services, but also to simplify administration. Microsoft is currently fairly complex organization with departments including enterprise solutions division, online services and MicroSoft Office. But Microsoft's main Windows division into the future will be how the new organizational structure, currently still under discussion.

In this reorganization, may be entrusted with the task of several people including: server and tools division president Satya Nadella, Skype CEO Tony Bates communications sector and interactive entertainment division president Don Mattrick, however, a few of them in the reorganized company's top management layer of what position and role are currently unclear.

Steve Ballmer last fall on the future restructuring so wrote: "This is a significant change, as an equipment and services company, no matter what we do, how we see ourselves, it will affect how we run this company, how experience and how we can develop new products to market in the consumer and business.

On the other hand, on the occasion of the reorganization of Microsoft pressure by investors will also be growing, but surprisingly, Microsoft's stock has recently been rising. At the same time, Microsoft's long-term research analyst at Nomura Equity Research Rick Sherlund wrote last week, in the upcoming reorganization, the shareholders may require Microsoft development direction and return on shareholders can get a greater say. Meanwhile, Rick Sherlund also suggested that Microsoft should consider selling Bing search and Xbox games business. In addition, since the disclosure of the ValueAct Capital bought about 1% of Microsoft stock, this kind of problem on shareholder returns become increasingly acute, Rick Sherlund noted that this option will allow hedge funds to purchase other shareholders jointly promote and facilitate Microsoft's reforms.

But with the previous prompted Microsoft to make a radical change in approach Greenlight Capital David Einhorn different, ValueAct capital Jeff Ubben moderate attitude a lot, he noted that the future development trend of integration time (eg cloud computing), Microsoft has a strong software background and business advantage will be crucial.

Jeff Ubben in a recent speech that Microsoft could become the world's largest cloud computing company, for this point many people will probably have other views, but no doubt that Microsoft's weak performance of the stock market after a period of time, the investment Microsoft's attitude towards those who are starting to pick up, especially in the past six months, Microsoft shares rose more than 31%, this may be due to the appreciation expect Microsoft will be some changes coming.

Currently Microsoft spokesman declined to comment.

Microsoft restructuring imperative

In the PC era, including desktop and notebook computers, Microsoft's Windows system monopoly of more than 90% market share, Microsoft is also that time always able to attract the most talented and developers, however, when the user massive shift to mobile devices Microsoft has lagged the market forward.

Although the PC is dead is not accurate, though Microsoft is still the king of the desktop, but according to Net Applications data showed that 2013 first-quarter PC sales fell by nearly 14 percent, according to IDC, as a desktop replacement Tablet PCs are becoming more popular, and Microsoft Surface Tablet PC Windows 8 and did not lead to buying binge.