The ancient capital of Beijing is full of charm and tea. The 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo will set sail grandly!

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2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo will be grandly opened in the National Convention Center from October 22 to 25. On October 14, the press conference of 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo was held in Zijin City academy to report the preparations for this Tea Expo to people from all walks of life and officially open the prelude to the Tea Expo!

This Tea Expo is hosted by China International Tea Culture Research Association, China Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Beijing Huajuchen Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Yao Sai, vice chairman of the China Council for the promotion of culture and executive chairman of the Grand Canal cultural cooperation, sun Yushi, Deputy Secretary General of the Grand Canal cultural cooperation, Huang Qixiang, executive chairman of Beijing Tea Industry Chamber of Commerce, sun Yongwei, Executive Secretary General of Beijing Tea Industry Chamber of Commerce, Ma kuanlei, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Tea Industry Association and other leaders, guests and enterprise representatives attended the press conference.

The Centennial birthday, the golden age of tea. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At the press conference, the organizing committee, together with UA city academy, held a press conference on "red awakening, age trend of thought" and a centennial cultural tea party for the founding of the party. It carefully planned to visit the Red Mansion of Peking University, tea ceremony performance, "red awakening, age trend of thought - lilac tree visits Lu Xun" tea talk sharing, salon dialogue Read the Red Classics and other tea ceremony rituals. By understanding and listening to the shining stories in the journey of a century's struggle, we can truly feel the unchanged original heart of a century's big party in the retrospect of history and obtain spiritual encouragement and ideological enlightenment.

The grand meeting of the tea industry is about to start. What are the highlights of 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo?

Precise docking to promote the development of tea industry

Beijing is the one belt, one road of tea culture exchange, the international trade center of tea trade and the center of the great idea of "one belt and one road". Relying on the advantages of Beijing's location, economy and tea sales area, Huajuchen is committed to building Beijing International Tea Industry Expo into a high-standard, professional and large-scale comprehensive tea industry exhibition service platform in Beijing and even Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei from the perspective of integrating the resources of the whole industry. After years of development, the exhibition has become an important force leading the development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei tea industry and promoting the popularization of Beijing Tianjin Hebei tea culture.

Based on the platform advantages of the whole tea industry chain, Beijing International Tea Industry Expo 2021 has extensively penetrated into the tea market in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, North China and even the whole country, continuously cultivated the upstream, middle and downstream of the tea industry chain, absorbed high-quality cross-border resources inside and outside the circle, fully opened up and expanded in terms of precise invitation, paid close attention to industry hot spots, linked experts and industry associations, Build a business platform for exhibitors to display the most complete categories, connect accurate needs and interpret professional market opportunities, so as to achieve efficient communication and cooperation.

The exhibition covers an area of 25000 square meters, with 1200 international standard booths, and a strong collection of more than 800 well-known tea enterprise brands from many famous tea producing areas and places of origin in China. The exhibits include six tea categories, tea sets, tea utensils, purple sand, ceramics, mahogany, tea food, tea clothes, tea packaging and other high-end products of the whole tea industry chain. The exchange and collision between various industries will bring more business opportunities for negotiation and cooperation for exhibitors and ignite the development engine of Beijing Tianjin Hebei tea industry.

Famous enterprises gather together to continue the tea situation in Beijing

On the basis of inheriting the successful experience of the previous session, 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo comprehensively optimized the exhibitor resources. The professional merchants invitation team established by Huajuchen team rushed to all parts of the country to fully mobilize high-quality resources at home and abroad. China tea, Dayi, Tianyue old tea warehouse, Longquan, Fuhai tea factory, Mingze Tibetan fragrance, ancient charm of Southern Yunnan, puzuo No., impression of Iceland, Fengyin, Changtai, taste of gancang, weimingtang, Saiyun, Chenpi village, years Chenpi, Tianchi Dancong, Anhui tea group, runsi, tianzhihong, Minrong, master Bai, Wanshi Liuxiang, Daihe tea No., Gu Yulin Six tea brands such as Yayu Tibetan tea will make an amazing appearance and show the style of Chinese tea. Jingdezhen Ceramic university group, sanding, Fangxiang Xiangcheng, fan Jianrong, Wu Fangdi, Shi Zhipeng, Zheng Xiaojie, Zhou Rongjin, Zhou Yinfu, Liu Genlin, Shanghai style purple sand, Jiangxing Road, Xu Yan, Xu Xuejun, Wang Yan, Dai Chunhua and other tea brands and purple sand craftsmen will also bring all kinds of exquisite tea utensils to provide tea lovers with an aesthetic feast!

In this exhibition, the organizing committee reasonably planned the distribution of exhibition areas in a professional way, and opened five theme exhibition areas, including national famous tea area, Pu'er tea / black tea area, tea aesthetics area, old tea street and purple sand area. Rich and colorful exhibits and comprehensively upgraded exhibition services will certainly feast the audience's eyes and mouth. It is worth mentioning that the major participating tea enterprises and tea merchants at the exhibition will not only bring you healthy, practical and high-quality products, but also launch various preferential and discount welfare activities. I believe that among so many elegant tea utensils, tea friends will be able to find products that meet their favorite.

The most national tide, enjoy the Grand View of tea culture

With the revival of tea culture and relying on Beijing's profound historical and cultural heritage, the 2021 "most national tide" traditional culture conference will start again! The conference integrates poetry, books, incense, flowers and other elements into tea culture, which not only has the elegance of prosperous literati, but also has the tranquility and indifference of Neo Confucianism tea ceremony. Combined with contemporary art and the use of multiple materials, tea culture is more rich and friendly. The conference will focus on activities such as Lanting preface · Qushui flowing wine cup, 2021 China (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei) teahouse industry summit, cte2021 China (North) tea Education Forum, etc. in addition, there will be more than 30 cultural activities such as children's tea art, intangible cultural heritage culture, brand release, Shenshi tea party, purple jade and gold sand, life aesthetics and immersion experience, which will once again bring you a visual, auditory, olfactory Taste all-round elegant baptism!

2021 China (Beijing Tianjin Hebei) teahouse Industry Summit

Big coffee collision, explore the future! As an important link in the industrial chain of tea economy, teahouse is not only an extension of the tea industrial chain, but also an important carrier for carrying forward Chinese tea culture and an important base for cultural self-confidence. During the 2021 Huajuchen Beijing Tea Expo, China (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei) teahouse industry summit will continue to be built. The summit aims to carry forward the inheritance and innovation of Chinese tea culture, promote mutual assistance and exchanges in the teahouse industry, promote the diversified and integrated development of teahouses, and promote the "win-win" of the teahouse industry through the "resonance" of industry giants.

Cte2021 China (North) tea Education Forum

As an important area of tea consumption, the north is increasingly interested in tea culture and education. However, after tea artists and tea evaluators withdraw from the national vocational qualification catalogue in 2020, where will the development of tea education in the north go? In conjunction with Tianjin Tea Industry Association, wanmingdao tea academy and Northern tea culture and Art Center, Huajuchen Beijing Tea Expo invited tea education industry leaders from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and Tibet to analyze the current industry pain points of tea education, sort out the future development context of northern tea education, explore the future development direction of northern tea education in the post epidemic era, and summarize experiences and methods, Help the integration of three industries and jointly explore the broad road of tea education in the future.

Preface to Lanting · Qushui Liubei

One cup, one seat, one space, one tea, one person, one world. In ancient times, literati were keen to express their feelings for the mountains and rivers, taste tea and talk about the Tao. Now, Hua Juchen moved this elegance indoors, created an oriental elegant environment with tea as the topic, and created the best space for tea people to meditate and taste tea, so that we can have a moment to rest in the fast-paced urban life and feel the beauty of tea and Chinese culture in the natural environment.

2021 Guochao Cultural Development Forum on "continuing tradition and keeping pace with the times"

In recent years, the "national tide" has prevailed, and the collision and integration of traditional essence and contemporary trend have burst out more unprecedented highlights, which has also attracted the attention of more and more people. The theme of this Tea Expo is to continue the tradition and keep pace with the times. In conjunction with Beijing tianfengjiu Culture Co., Ltd. and LaoShe Teahouse enterprise management center, the summer palace Research Office, the cultural founder of the capital museum, experts and scholars of Beijing Lu Xun Museum and industry celebrities are specially invited to focus on topics such as the road of re shaping national fashion brands, the connotation and boundary of traditional culture in the contemporary era, Talk about the new development direction of tea culture in the future, outline the new trend and color of Chinese civilization, promote cross-border integration, multi-dimensional and three-dimensional, and create national tea culture.

"Guochao tea life" series activities

New domestic product, Guochao tea. In recent years, with the rise of "national tide", national tide has become a breakthrough point for the innovation and development of various industries, and the tea industry is no exception. "National tide wind + tea" is integrating into the tea drinking life of Chinese people and has become a new trend of the new generation of young people. Taking the brand as the medium and language as the bridge, this series of activities of "Guochao tea life" made multiple efforts in product and cultural connotation, and took advantage of the cultural trend of the rise of Guochao, carefully planned theme activities such as Guochao series single products, "Guochao tea life" - Sanxing love letter collection competition, "Guochao tea life" cultural punch in wall and so on, Bring a new tea drinking experience through interesting innovative activities, tap the cultural connotation behind the brand, and lead consumers to pay attention to Chinese traditional tea culture and domestic brands in multiple dimensions.

"One cup for one person · Baijia tasting"

The six tea categories of this Tea Expo gathered at the exhibition, and all kinds of brand tea from all over the country appeared with thousands of best tea. In order to allow tea friends to taste good tea from all origins in China at one time, the organizing committee specially planned the "one cup for one person · top 100 tasting" and organized several exhibitors to hold tasting activities at their own booths. Cup by cup, place by place. At the tasting meeting, tea friends can not only taste high-quality tea from different producing areas, but also enjoy beautiful tea art performances, feel the edification of tea culture, relax and get a better exhibition experience.

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